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Product Guide

Product Guide

Discover the cornerstone of vibration sensor technology with our Piezoelectric Accelerometer range. These ingenious sensors harness the power of piezoelectric materials to generate an electrical charge proportional to applied acceleration, offering unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Step into the world of vibration analysis with confidence, as our Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometers offer robust designs capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh environments. Say goodbye to internal electronics limitations and hello to limitless possibilities in monitoring and control.

The utilization of Piezoelectric Accelerometers does demand attention to detail. To ensure accurate measurements free from interference, high-quality low-noise cables with clean connectors are essential. A phenomenon known as triboelectric noise caused by cable flexing can affect any type of charge accelerometer. Additionally, external charge amplifiers are required to convert the natural charge output into volts for compatibility with DAQ or vibration controller hardware. This means there is an increased risk of noise within the measurement chain, but this can be controlled and minimised.

Our triaxial piezoelectric charge accelerometer range will revolutionize your sensing experience, providing comprehensive insights into multidimensional vibrations. And for those seeking simplicity without compromise, explore our IEPE accelerometers featuring built-in amplifier electronics, ready to integrate seamlessly with your DAQ systems. But that’s not all – to complete your setup, dive into our selection of charge amplifiers, meticulously crafted to enhance the performance of your Piezoelectric Accelerometers.

Experience innovation, precision, and reliability like never before with Piezoelectric Accelerometers from Kemo. Welcome to a world where vibration sensing reaches new heights!

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